Made in JAPAN. 

Independent SWISS testing laboratories.

Exceeding the highest international safety standards.

Designed with guidance from Australia's amazing Early Childhood Maternal Health Nurses.

This set of 12 "free play" gems is the ALL-IN-ONE toy solution for infants, meeting every developmental need and early learning requirement:

  • Easily Held & Stacked (or unstacked, obviously!)
  • Musical: Baby Drums
  • Math, Letters & Shapes
  • Separates into Colours
  • Non-Toxic Materials (because babies love to put everything in their mouths!)

Twoodie adds beauty, not clutter, to the home. 

What about value? You can see all our margins and costs here: Open Books. This is an entirely transparent company. We don't rip you off.

These Wooden Gems are inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach to early learning. They are proven to develop coordination and spark imagination and creativity. 'Free play' is a key element of Montessori early learning as preferred by Prince George, but also Google’s Larry & Sergei, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and a disproportionate amount of fortune 500 CEOs educated according to this method. 

Physical toys are important because the US Paediatric Society recommends NO screen time before 18 months of age. 

Twoodies are Independently safety tested incl. chemical composition and purity, physical characteristics and age appropriateness. This includes ALL packaging. We also batch test for consistent quality and do so with 100x more frequency than major international toy brands. Twoodies are one of very few toys that are classified as safe for sensitive newborns.

There is ZERO RISK OF ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION. You can trust us to take NO short cuts and put your health first - because we’re a family too.

All Twoodie toys are free from paints, plastics, metals, magnets, colorants, glues, or toxic varnishes. We use nature, imagination, heritage techniques and new technology to work within these constraints.

PS: the Twoodie gems reference emerald cut jewels.  We think nature is just as precious, and should be treasured. We use sustainably sourced Japanese and American wood. All Twoodie products biodegrade and can be laid to rest in a garden. No plastic landfill or polluted oceans and rivers.

ALL International delivery is FREE.  

We offer a personalised gift note and wrapping service so that you can send your twoodies directly to anywhere in the world. Simply add your sentiments to us in an email or when placing your order.

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