What the critics have to say

“You are trying to create a market for your idea, there is no market”

“There are lots of wooden toy brands, have you done a Google search?”

“You will build a snowflake website that no one will know about or visit” 

“Millenials are idealistic and naïve. Experience will teach you the reality”

“Maybe this will work because the Honest Company worked and investors took note of that. But you guys need more celebrity Buzz”

“You can sell in Toys R Us!”

“You can sell in Harrods!”

 “You can sell in Walmart or Macy's!” ….“Then you will have a big business, a real business”

“Kids like colour. You need to paint your toys; look at other wooden toys brands”

“3D printing is a long long way away”

“This market is too niche: whose ever heard of a Black Swan?”

“This can be a nice little lifestyle brand for you and your family, but its not something anyone serious would invest in” 

“You can’t afford to be transparent”

“Husband and wife cofounders are a real risk”

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but seriously, you have delusions of grandeur.”