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Transparency recognises where we are and what more needs to be done:

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Made in Japan: 

Our production facility is in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Mitani-san (he's the one in grey) has been in business for over 50 years. His team carry out all the machining work for the Twoodie Gems. Masao-san (in green) operates another facility nearby that assists with sanding and finishing.

Twoodie organic toys manufacturing studio in Japan

This is the drying room. Wood must be dried for up to three years before being used.

Wood drying studio for organic toys by twoodie in Japan

This is where the magic happens. All Gems are handmade by skilled craftspeople.  It's so calm.

entrance of twoodie toys factory and production studio in Japan

The wood storage area. Our wood is sourced from local suppliers in Osaka.

Twoodie first production studio for luxury wooden baby toys

Our Japan team (in order of height, not seniority).

Japanese castle close to Twoodie design studio

Historical Osaka Castle (not far from our production facility).

You can find info on our philosophy regarding transparency here.

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