We preference transparency.  It's a means of challenging ourselves to continually improve our processes and a vehicle for building trust with you - our beloved clients and cult. Openess has to be the default setting here and anything that is hidden should be interrogated. Why do we feel the need to not disclose who we really are? It's already pretty obvious we're not perfect...

Twoodie is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation (for more info click here). This means we are required by law to examine the impact of our operations on those materially affected by our conduct (including customers, employees, the environment) and publish our findings. We do this in real time, not just when someone gets a diary icon to "submit annual CSR report" because we believe in making incremental progress towards a 30 year vision.

We voluntarily disclose details about our supply chain and business practises here so that #twoodiefans can understand how&why we do what we do.

Mission driven companies do better in the long term.  Sustainability is a journey. Be a lover not a hater - we've got the right intentions.

Twoodie donates 1% of revenue to Watsi, another transparent company


Twoodie baby holding wooden stacking gem safe for teething

 Looking straight at ya! ;)