What we're working on: #note2self

Wood: use Only Japanese locally sourced and sustainable, no more shipping from US to Japan and back again.  Get proper paperwork to back this up, translate.

Shipping: consolidate to HK for QA, DHL setup with carbon offset option via checkout

Instagram: less boring Twoodie and more organic lifestyle shots.  More happy client features.

Video: Twoodie educational series of "5Ss and 3Cs"

Blog: Steven to publish more frequent account updates, including tax compliance etc

Gems: consider 8 vs 12 as maybe babies don't need this many/heavy for mom?

Bags: change to silk velvet, check for changes under humidity and durability over time

Box: to fit more snugly and also fit the crates for DHL delivery neatly

Box: to be pensil drawing/more artisanal hand with improved print

Box: to have a 'scent' upon opening - ideally from Oak Village i.e one of their tree aromatic oils

Translate site to Chinese, other languages 

#share2care aka Watsi acquisition strategy - offer double donation % for sharing your purchase on social media - a super easy and quick way to give back and help us spread the word about organic toys in the process!

#clicknprick - set up our own vaccination supply chain in a place that needs it.