Quality control - Gems

QA procedure before customer dispatch, globally via DHL/other.

This occurs in addition to manufacturing QA on site in Japan.


  1. Clean dry hands
  2. Pick 3 pieces of each wood
  3. Rub fingers over wood to identify any rough edges
  4. Visually observe edges for any loose wood fibres
  5. Reject any gems with rough edges/machine markings and set aside (be conservative)
  6. Stack each block on its diagonal to ensure weighting is correct


  1. Ensure gems are inside bag inside box and counted and rechecked as above for QA
  2. Personally sign and number (according to spec) each set
  3. Note customer details against dispatch note number as well as unique item number for future reference and verification

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Twoodie gems in velvet bag with four type of stacking blocks