Our raison d'être

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We saw the impact that toxic toys and plastic landfill are having on our health, communities & environment. Endocrine Disruption is a real thing. The MacArthur Foundation predicts there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 - GROSS. 

At Twoodie we think we can do better simply by creating better products. We're starting with a single toy solution and a new generation of parents and babies.

This company's mission is to make products that fuse safety, sustainability and design. It ain't easy, but we throw our heart and soul into it.  We're also purist about wood - which means eliminating potential nasties like paints and plastics.  We use non-toxic glues and finishes. We test rigorously and independently.  We REALLY care.

'We don't need a hero, we just need someone to take out the recycling' - Anon

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