Organic goodness

A Twoodie is a unique ‘Free Play’ toy that's safe for sensitive newborns and engaging for ALL ages!

  • We only use pure wood.
  • We only make the finest quality in JAPAN.
  • We always Safety Test extensively and independently.
  • We've designed an ALL-IN-ONE play solution 

Our company is an 'Open Book' because we believe sunshine is the best disinfectant :)

FREE Gift Wrapping (all natural)
A Lifetime Guarantee
SERVICE - Omg, what is that?!

Purchase a Twoodie and say bye-bye to dangerous toxic toys, plastic landfill, polluted oceans and businesses that just don't care.

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Twoodie - designer baby toys in wood

Wooden stacking blocks stacked into a tree

 “Its easy to say you make pure  Organic Toys,  but if you’re not 100% transparent no one will believe you.


Twoodie wooden baby toys in stone henge shapes outside


art gems by twoodie organic toys interiors view with wooden blocks on wooden cabinet surface

Add a personalised gift note, engraving, poetry or anything else: we’ve arranged it all for our global clientele who say these nice things about us.. 

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Wooden blocks for newborns arranged as the crown jewels

whimsical wooden blocks in four woods by twoodie

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Because we’re actually the real deal!

Image montage of father, baby, twoodie wooden baby block and organic materials

artwork of father and twoodie fan with green foliage to highlight the organic

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