ENDOCRINE Disruptors & Disruption

Endocrine disruptors are a class of hazardous chemical commonly found in PLASTICS but also cosmetics, furniture, pesticides and other synthetic products. Exposure is especially dangerous for pregnant women and growing children.

Endocrine disruption is a new problem which is being recognised as longterm research studies (i.e those cited by the UN and WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) provide supportive data. To quote Nicholas Kristof of NYTimes “The chemical industry - by spending $100,000 on lobbying per member of Congress - buys its way out of effective regulation of endocrine disruptors. The industry’s deceit marks a replay of Big Tobacco’s battle against regulation of smoking”.

We believe that parents should and will adopt a "better safe than sorry" approach to their children's health. In the past we had no choice but to trust what brands proclaimed but the transparency of the web has changed that.  It is no longer acceptable to market good behavior without demonstrating it.

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