Costs & Margins

Twoodie Gems as at Nov 2016:

Cost of manufacturing and landing one set: $47

Service fees (safety testing, delivery, taxes etc): $43

Final cost: $90  |  Final price: $125  

Twoodie's Margin = 28%
Twoodie's Markup = $35 
Luxury brands mark up between 2.7 and 5.2x the cost of goods. On that basis the Twoodie Gems should be priced $243 - $468. We choose to set a price based on intrinsic value and work backwards.

Final cost does NOT include the following:

Salaries, healthcare, storage costs, product development, business operating expenses, bank facilities and marketing. 

This product needed to exist. With your support it will become a business!


Twoodie startup discussion on iphone screenshot

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