Caring for organic toys

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 Twoodies are like puppies: not just for Christmas.  We've spent a lot of time creating and testing to make sure that the construction and designs will have longevity and be safe.  

To us, keeping & loving is real sustainability.

The best way to clean Twoodies is with warm water and a soft cloth.

Avoid water and heat or leaving in places exposed to prolonged or harsh sunlight.

We apply a German made finish based on natural oils and waxes to nourish the wood and maintain each Twoodie's lustre.  It's saliva and perspiration resistant and food safe (i.e suitable for childrens toys).

You can use a small amount of 100% pure sunflower oil to moisturize your collection at home.  We recommend doing this every 12 months, depending on your climate.  Of course wood will wear as it ages: this is part of it's beauty!  Everyone is growing older (and hopefully wiser) so embrace the individual character of the natural material as it ages.  


Team us.


If you are looking for aftersales service please email us: or tweet @twoodietoys

Wooden gems stacked in triangle by twoodie organic toys


Wooden stacking toys