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At Twoodie, we don’t really like prescriptive play.  We are more into stealth learning. If your child is under 24 months of age their play doesn’t need to be ‘strictly educational’.  It should be about a playful discovery of the world and working on the developmental basics like fine motor skills and human interaction.

Over the years developing Twoodie we did a lot of first hand observation, research and interviews with early childhood experts.  We ran tests, read papers and ultimately came up with what we believe are the fundamentally important things for a child to have access to when playing with a toy.

It will not surprise you that a relationship and time spent with a loving parent or adult is the foundation for beginning great play. Safe materials that come into contact with a child (and will often thus be put into their mouths) should be a given, but unfortunately this is not always the case.  Hence this was the first priority for us.

Twoodie gems with velvet bag case and in four types of sustainable organic wood

The other 5 S’s are described below. This is why we can legitimately call Twoodie the “ALL-IN-ONE Toy Solution” because it has been designed to capture these elements without making any one of them the primary function.  As your child matures they may move on to more complex activities such as calculation (counting/maths), construction (more difficult shapes) and combinations (with other toys and objects).  The idea is that Twoodie can grow with you and your child.  It just takes imagination.

Many people tell us “this is such a simple design” and for the team at Twoodie this is the ultimate compliment, because we all know how difficult it is to make something good, that looks simple.

We will forever be working on product iterations, improvements and variations.  So if you have thoughts or you know an industry leader please let us know.  Wishing you all the best, whatever age you and your family may be.

Jeanne, Steven & the team @twoodietoys



If you don’t know how to do it let your little one show you!


The Twoodies are designed with large flat faceted surfaces that when clapped together create an unusually loud sound. They can be used as cute baby drums!  This again develops fine motor skills as to create this audio it’s necessary to apply both force and timing.  For parents it’s interesting to note that the different woods produce different tones. You can create rhythms & beats and the sound of the dominoes falling is pretty cool too.

Baby hands holding two twoodie wooden stacking blocks


The Twoodie gems are designed to be easily held by little hands.  They are just the right weight and size.  The shape makes them easy to grasp and pick up.  This develops fine motor skills and makes play simple.

Babies may put things in their mouths. Don’t panic, this is normal and all our toys are tested to be safe.  We didn’t design a teether (this is a toy) but we made sure that in the event of mouthing the materials are uncontaminated by chemicals or toxins from wood preservatives or lead paint.


Children can create shapes, be this letters or numbers or more organic freeform arrangements.  The dimensions of the wooden gems allow a wide range of skill level.


May people tell us their children like bright colours.  But before 6 months they cannot actually see any colours yet.

At first your baby can't focus beyond 8 to 12 inches away – just far enough to make out the face of who is holding them. A newborn can only just manage to detect light, shapes, and movement. Your face is the most fascinating thing to your baby at this age followed by high-contrast patterns.  That is why we have made some Twoodie gems in dark and in lighter hues of natural wood.

Your baby's vision at 8 months will markedly improve in its clarity and depth of perception.

After this stage it’s good to be able to see how your child will be able to differentiate between the dark and the light gems, and as they get older be able to separate them.

Colour is not a bad thing, but we don’t particularly like it.  Between the ages of 0 and 2 children have little choice but to play with what they are given, eat what is on offer and will learn at their own pace. So for us that means organic toys, no sugar/screen time and a lot of love.

Good luck. We wish you happy playing! Just relax and enjoy it.

Time passes too fast.

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