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There is no single website that independently safety tests ALL the toys on their platform. If you don't believe us - just ask them. They rely on certifications provided to them by the brands/suppliers themselves or worse, their own "tests" i.e "we used this, liked it, no problems, and so it passes".

Did you know that you can self-certify a toy for sale in the EU?

So called "conscientious" toy companies test 1 in every 1,000,000 toys.

At Twoodie, we use an independent testing centre and test each and every batch of toys, no matter how small/limited edition. We do separate chemical, safety and durability testing. This includes the packaging. 
Being rigorous about safety testing doesn't make us self righteous, just sleep better at night. We hope you will too.
Endocrine Disruption


The Twoodie Gems and packaging have passed testing for the following standards / Requirements:

EN71-1:2014 and A3:2014 (exclude Cl 6.7), Safety of Toys. Mechanical & Physical Properties

EN71-2:2011 and A1:2014, Safety of Toys. Flammability

EN71-3:2013 and A1:2014, Safety of Toys. Specification for Migration of Certain Elements

EN 14362-1:2012 and EN 14362-3:2012, Azo Colourants – Textile. European Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 REACH Annex XVII, Entry no. 43

ISO 8124-1:2014, Toy Safety: Mechanical & Physical Properties

ISO 8124-2:2014, Toy Safety: Flammability Test

ISO 8124-3:2010+A1:2014, Migration of Certain Elements

ASTM F963-11, Physical & Mechanical Requirements

ASTM F963-11, Clause 4.2/A5 Flammability of Solids

ASTM F963-11, Soluble Heavy Metals

CPSC-CH-E1002-08.1, Lead in Substrate-Non Metal

EPA 3052-1996, EPA3060A-1996 and EPA7196A-1992, Heavy Metals Content in Packaging Materials

GB 6675-1 Safety of Toys - General Requirement
Phthalates Content (6P: DBP, BBP, DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DIDP)

- For toys and childcare articles 
- For material that can be placed in the mouth

GB 6675-1 Safety of Toys - General Requirement
Phthalates Content (3P: DBP+BBP+DEHP)

- For toys and childcare articles 
- For material that cannot be placed in the mouth

GB 6675-1 Safety of Toys - General Requirement
GB 5296 - Labelling Requirements

GB 6675-2 Safety of Toys - Mechanical & Physical Test

GB 6675-3 Safety of Toys - Flammability for Finished Product

GB 6675-4 Safety of Toys - Migration of Certain Elements


Total Tests 

5 tests – bag (including 3 types of chemical testing)

1 test – box

3 tests - twoodie (including individual chemical testing for 4 wood species)

4 tests - labelling and technical documentation

7 tests - compliance with additional US and AU/NZ requirements

Total = 20 tests performed and passed + GB Standards (pending)


EU Toy and Packaging Certifications 


Wooden Gems (product)

Certificate 1


Box Certificate

Bag Certificate


US and AU/NZ Toy and Packaging Certifications


China & HK 

Currently in process...

Packaging of velvet bag and twoodies wooden blocks on table closeup

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