Precious Pebbles

Temporarily out of stock. 

Set of 8 smooth wooden pebbles in a brushed velvet pouch.

Solid graffiti motif box for safekeeping.

Tested by Swiss Labs for wood preservatives, chemical varnish's and other toxic endocrine disruptors.

The Precious Pebbles are an exercise in restraint. They are an inaugural product in the 'Twoodie Simple' range, which is our equivalent of the perfect white T shirt.  We use these simple organic shapes to highlight the character of the wood.  

We consider the Precious Pebbles as the essence of free play. You can observe how much fun babies have with ovular shapes in the dedicated 0-2yrs play room at the Tokyo Toy Museum where they are the centre of attraction.

Wood can and should be treasured.  It's a natural resource and the character of the grain makes every piece unique in a way that can't be 3D printed. As a material its compostable, but that doesn't mean it should be considered a commodity.

Here are some of the innovative things we have seen with #twoodie:

  • Letter & shapes play
  • Baby drums
  • Interiors for the home (i.e in glass vases)
  • Table weights
  • Worry beads (in the way people use soapstone)

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