Twoodie = 'Trust Free' Organic Products April 05 2018, 0 Comments

Twoodie is the first global brand for organic non-consumables: the hardgoods that surround us in every home, school and office:

  • A premium and plastic free alternative to IKEA
  • A market based solution to long term sustainability

We bring quality and transparency to products in our daily physical environment with the help of new technology and have begun with a range of toys because of justified consumer concern around sensitive infants.

This industry is full of monopolies, big box stores, gatekeepers and middlemen.

Toys are cheap, plastic and poorly regulated.

We ensure the safest toys by using organic wood (free of preservatives) and eliminating all materials that may contain toxic Endocrine Disruptors. This class of hazardous chemical is commonly found in PLASTICS but also cosmetics, furniture, pesticides and other synthetic products. Exposure is especially dangerous for pregnant women and growing children.  

Long term research studies such as those published by the UN and World Health Organisation provide scientific data critical of our current plastic consumption and exposure. Journalists such as Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times have reported on the growing threat of Endocrine Disruptors to our health, communities and environment.

Regulation is useless, because companies lie and third parties are too often incentivised and hence conflicted.

Twoodie is a vertically integrated supply chain for 100% organic products. These products are professionally made in Japan and we have developed a system to be able to track (on every single item) the exact longitude, latitude and age of the TREE the product is sourced from as well as other safety and organic ‘credentials’. This technology will be executed with a complete range of children's products now that we have proven with sales in 20+ countries that there is a hungry global clientele.

We are exploring how to verify provenance via distributed nodes which confirm at every location the products status information in real time (and capture this data which can be identified by a hash and accessed over HTTP). This is our long term vision: to create “trust free products” by accessing the transparency made possible by technology.