Twoodie Public Benefit Report (part 1 of 6 for 2017) September 25 2017, 0 Comments

We publish this in real time to be able to continue to make incremental daily progress…

These documents highlight the initiatives, challenges and goals we have been striving for and an honest analysis of where we are along the journey.

1 – Make the best products

Launched the Twoodie Gems. They are BPA and Endocrine disruptor free natural wooden stacking blocks. Non-toxic and demonstrated safe by independent specialist testing authorities.

They are durable and comply with the highest international standards.

We have also now had 18 months for them to be ‘user tested’ and we can confirm that the gems are hardy and do not degrade over time (despite significant trauma!).

We have had no returns of our toys and no complaints about quality/durability or functionality.

The Twoodie Gems are both a multifunctional stacking toy, talisman and stylish design piece. They are proven to be beloved by children and adults alike.  They encourage mindfulness and the high quality of the Japanese and American hardwoods are durable enough to grow with the child as they explore and discover new functions and ways to play with Twoodie.

We have 6 other products in development.