TRUTH & MARKETING: in Organic toys and endocrine disruptor free products June 18 2017, 0 Comments

Don't you HATE it when companies LIE?  

Especially about things like product safety and how 'sustainable' they are? Promoting yourself is much easier than proving that you’re the real deal. Here’s a scary example: The Washington Post found that 59 out of 59 baby teethers tested contained TOXIC endocrine disrupting chemicals, although many were MARKETED and labelled as being

‘BPA free’ or ‘non toxic’ and ‘natural’.

THAT MAKES US FURIOUS!! Endocrine Disruptors (according to the UN & World Health Organisation) cause infertility, behavioral disorders and cancer.  You DO NOT want a baby putting that in their mouth and sucking on it all day. 

At Twoodie we are not 'holier than thou' but we are transparent and so we can prove (via our publicly available testing documentation) that we make safe and sustainable toys.  If the Washington Post had tested Twoodie we would have been the 1/60 companies that passed.  

Organic toys & endocrine disruptor free products

This stuff really matters and it’s why we started our company.  We are not ok with lies, we are not ok with putting other people’s health in danger because you don’t give a shit.  NOT OK. VERY VERY NOT OK. #nontoxicbabyproducts #nontoxictoys #safetoysforbabies