The conspiracy of a future unseen.. June 11 2017, 0 Comments

Endocrine disruption is a real thing

People believe in Climate Change because the United Nations and other independent bodies offer up science and data to prove to us that it exists.  Some people are inherently skeptical of third party claims, and maybe I'm one of them.

But something is wrong. Endocrine Disruptors are a REAL thing and no one is talking about this despite the fact that the WHO, UN and other scholarly bodies consider it fact, not fiction.

Conflicted/affected companies strongly and actively deny the existence of EDs, but if there is nothing to it and no one is talking about it this seems a very strange reaction and unusual behavior.

Why is this?  Are parents scared to conceive of the fact that their ignorance might have contributed to their child's health problems; be this being sterile, behavioral or other more terrifying things like cancer?

Is it because we feel hopeless to change things?

Is it because there are just not other options and fixes on the market and it is "all too hard" for now...

I'm not sure, but it concerns me.  Of course I want Twoodie to be successful, of course I want us to grow the business but more than that I 100% believe this product needs to exist.  People need to believe in the truth, even if it makes them scared and have the uncertainty of knowing they may be out of control.

For now I'm happy to be the crazy one dancing on her own... because for sure time and trauma will prove me right.