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How to choose safe toys July 11 2017, 0 Comments

Toy safety is a real problem

Baby, toddler and Children’s toys are routinely recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This is often because they contain obviously toxic materials. You may remember Mattel recalling 19 million toys in 2007 because they contained lead tainted paint and were unsafe. But these recalls happen every day, just in lower and less extreme quantities.

Regulation of toys is ineffective

The sad reality is that even baby toys that are considered “safe” by US consumer agencies (such as the CPSC) often contain materials such as PVC, phthalates, BPA, or other questionable ingredients not explicitly banned in the US.  These endocrine disruptors are prohibited in Europe and in many other developed countries. Toys made in China are only tested in batches of half a million and it is easy (as the Mattel scandal proved) for something to slip through the net when factories are being put under time and price pressure.

Organic toys and natural materials

Organic toys in wood or cotton are an alternative the the cheap plastic toys out there. From age 2 children are less dependent on physical toys and less likely to teeth or engage in mouthing activities where they could come into direct contact with a dangerous substance like Lead or BPA.

Organic, natural, and eco-friendly toys such as Twoodie are great, but beware unsubstantiated marketing.  We have discovered (to our horror) so many seemingly wonderful toy brands that promote sustainability and ethical sourcing but in fact make toys with even the most basic of safety insurances missing - for instance they contain small parts!

Twoodie PBA, Phthalate, Lead and Endocrine Disruptor free toys #nonasties!

At Twoodie we are dedicated to making safe and efficacious products for your family. Indeed for playful minds of all ages.  This product needed to exist, even if only just for us. But we are sure there are other people (like you) that care this much too...

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JOB OPPORTUNITY: February 20 2017, 0 Comments


Organic food is an $80Bill industry. Consumers pay more/buy organic food because it’s A) ‘Healthier’ B) better branded and C) has a certified supply chain.

Twoodie is the first brand for organic non-consumables: for the hardgoods that surround us in every home, school and office.  Those that are natural and biodegradable, non toxic, non polluting and with no threat of endocrine disruption.  We make products out of ‘organic wood’ and have started with an ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ baby toy solution because of justified consumer concern around sensitive infants.

Rather than pay for third party certifications we have made Twoodie completely open - hypertransparent, so that everything is accessible and communicable to the world via the web.  Our approach is to use technology to open ourselves up to scrutiny and let consumers decide. By selling exclusively online and being vertically integrated we capture all the value and can ‘afford’ to do this honestly.  We design and control the global supply chain end-to-end so we can (in theory) take full responsibility for it.  Being an ‘open book’ is a strategy that proves to consumers we deserve their trust (and that we are obsessed with making the best products).  It’s also our personal philosophy.

Transparency at Twoodie currently just looks like a very candid data dump.  

It’s all there: good/bad/ugly and lots of “work in progress”.  That’s iteration 1.


A disciplined individual who will be able to teach themselves whatever they need to know, even if they’re not confident.

Someone to design Twoodie’s web/technology infrastructure in order to creatively, transparently and “inappropriately” touch our clients and the market. To use the tools of new technology to explain and communicate ‘stylistically’ what we are about.

No one has ever done this for a consumer brand before. We have some ideas but it will be largely about discovery and exploration, trial & error… and possibly public failure.

Ideally you speak at least one other language (we do) and are not nationalistic.

We need someone who’s not precious about only doing “intellectually stimulating” work because there is inevitably a reasonable amount of shit stuff to do in a startup.



1 Jan 2018 (but we want to run a freelance project with you before then)

Hong Kong (we will sponsor your visa and arrange accommodation).  We move, a lot.

Shares vested over 4 years.

Interested?  Curious?  Contact us via or +852 92424147 (HK)

(It’s Jeanne & Steven)

New Film Release January 03 2017, 0 Comments

A film everyone should see released in Jan 2017:

Plastic Oceans