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Prince George, Montessori & Free Play - Why there’s so much BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

The Royal family favouring a Montessori nursery for Prince George’s education like his father Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge

In this modern day and age where only the best is sought out for future generations, the word ‘Montessori’ is not an uncommon one for new parents to be throwing around in conversations. A flick through any article in the newspaper promoting the success of Montessori will heavily feature some of the world’s best and brightest including Larry and Sergei, the co-founders of Google; Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon; and most recently, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his royal son Prince George, among many other leaders, who have all passed through this particular mode of early learning.

Nowadays, the demand for schools that adopt the Montessori approach is exceedingly high, especially after the endorsement of many pioneers in different fields citing this as a contributing factor to their success. This renders it nearly impossible to gain a place at the top London Montessori nurseries without previous planning and ample connections or funds, as some institutes take as few as 20 students annually.  

A minimalistic Montessori school for learning

With flashing headlines about the Montessori primary school system, you are bound to wonder what Montessori really is? Simply put, it is an educational method created by Maria Montessori targeted at how young children learn, with emphasis on the child’s own interests, abilities and incentives. In a practical sense, it is the encouragement of play, exploration and discovery of the little learners, instead of restraining them to the boundaries of instructions or textbook learning.

This allows individual development at their own pace, and the early development of attributes like self-assessment, inquisitiveness and independence amongst many others. This hands-on approach and the help of guiding teachers also ensures a personalised and unique learning experience is catered for each child in Montessori. Some studies even show that children who have gone through Montessori schools have higher capabilities regarding reading, creative writing and mathematics in the future. The people who have come out of Montessori are the best reflections of its success and benefits, including creativity, confidence in taking the initiative, cooperation with peers and self-discipline, and it has clearly helped them in the long run.

 Co-founders of Google Sergei Brin & Larry Page, Jeff Bezos amongst many other technological innovators, are proud advocates of the Montessori learning system

One of the most important components of Montessori is ‘playing’. Rather than in the traditional sense of games and make believe, Montessori allows playful learning based around freedom of discovery. Schools often provide specific materials and props with different textures, shapes and sizes that encourage curiosity and the interest of children as they play with them. This is where the importance of ‘free play’ comes in, as this process is integral in allowing children to make sense of the world around them with confidence and attentiveness. The Tot is proud to present Twoodie, a new all organic toy from Japan, to our Montessori fans.  This unique toy provides a healthy and safe platform for parents to encourage their children to engage in free play and exploration.

As avid fans of the free play attitude, the Twoodie gems are the perfect non-toxic and natural resource for children (and adults!) that can be held, stacked and played with through mutual interaction. Twoodie is a unique one stop baby toy solution designed specifically and safely to encompass all learning and developmental needs of a learning tot. The company’s aim is to provide beautiful toys of the most outstanding quality to all children, with an emphasis on transparency and love. The comprehensive testing that the Twoodie gems undergo ensures that they are safe and sustainable toys for all ages, especially teething toddlers! An ingenious fusion of nature and education, Twoodie is a toy suited for Montessori learning and fit for any curious baby and even for royal ones like Prince George.

Prince George's first day at a Montessori School

Prince George’s first day at his Montessori nursery school 21 years after his father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

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