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Toxic plastic & toxic toys June 06 2018, 0 Comments

A reminder, post World Environment Day where the theme was 'Beat Plastic Pollution, of why we need plastic-free, safe, organic and naturally biodegradable toys:

8m tonnes of plastic is dumped in ocean each year.
Plastic cannot be recycled, only down-cycled. Its literally with us forever.  Its so damn ugly.
Inappropriate plastic exposure to moms and babies causes Endocrine Disruption.
This means infertility and cancer if you want the really blunt summary.
70% of plastic is actually on the sea floor! We cannot see most of it. That's scary.
Fish ingest the plastic and we ingest the fish. That's gross.
By 2050 the Ellen McArthur Foundation estimates there will be more plastic that fish in the ocean by weight.  Yes you read that correctly. WTF. The foundation produced a solution analysis that suggests the following:
Redesign (30%), reuse (20%) and recycle (50%) 
At Twoodie we don't think this is the ultimate solution.  The solution is just to use less plastic, consume less products and to make better quality lasting goods that don't need to be recycled or constantly replaced.
Plastic Free July is coming up! Buy organic and natural products that look better, taste great and are not going to affect our health, communities and environment in the harmful way plastic does.
UN Endocrine Disruptors Report front coverWHO and UN report on Endocrine Disruptors