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Twoodie Public Benefit Report (part 6 of 6 for 2017) October 31 2017, 0 Comments

6 - Leadership by example

We don't like people that preach or talk.  We want to be an enterprise that demonstrates how to get stuff done, the right way. Of course we take some short /smart cuts, but never in the areas that would hurt or harm anyone.

In our quest to bring to the world the safest, purest and most creative organic toys we have had to travel quite a treacherous journey.

Examples of times where we have had to make difficult and potentially financially harmful decisions include:

  • Avoiding cheaper factories and production facilities in China and Thailand that were unethical or substandard in their treatment of workers and employee safety.
  • Choosing to test with expensive specialist third party labs for all jurisdictions according to different guidelines, rather than assume that just those of Australia NZ (the strictest) would suffice.
  • Testing all the packaging for toxicity and harmful chemicals in addition to the actual toys.
  • Having forthright and assertive conversations with our Japanese partners in order to obtain proof of the sustainability and source of the wood supply.
  • Delaying our launch and forgoing the opportunity to send samples to press in order to retest our product for safety and wood composition after the factory location was changed at the last minute without our notice or authorization.
  • Returning and paying to have faulty stock repaired as well as redoing all quality assurance in house in order to confidently be able to proclaim Twoodie as the world's safest baby toy.
  • Openly and clearly displaying our business practises (good bad and work in progress) on our Open Books page accessible via
  • Reporting honestly and without bias and hysteria about the dangers of Endocrine Disruption and the science and data which supports it to date.
  • Refusing to pay bloggers, celebs or influencers that would not publicly disclose their income in exchange for a review, regardless of their claims of neutrality. We believe this to be disingenuous and what's more, we believe in Twoodie!


Sophie the Giraffe October 26 2017, 0 Comments

Reading on the BBC about Sophie the Giraffe having mould inside the plastic toys today.

I didn't know that plastic could grow mould or that people were so enamoured by this toy.

To us the plastic that is being teethed on daily seems a lot more dangerous than mould... they might say they test the products but these toys are tested in batches of 1 million units or more, so hardly a very good safeguard against contamination or defects.

Endocrine Disruptors in plastic toys are only completely avoidable by steering clear of:

1 - All plastic and synthetic materials (especially while teething)

2 - Wooden toys that are not treated with chemical preservatives, paints or other finishes that may be tainted

These guidelines should be simple for parents to follow between years 0 and 2 when children have no real discretion over what toys they can choose to play with, in the same way they are directed as to what they can eat.