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Twoodie SOLD OUT at Christmas!! March 03 2018, 0 Comments

Twoodie's can be delivered anywhere in the world and we can arrange a personalised letter to accompany the gift - just email us!

All twoodies are Endocrine Disruptor free, safety, efficacy and purity tested organic toys: no BPA (Bisphenol A), Phthalates, Flame retardants or other potential nasties.

Non-Toxic Toys April 08 2017, 0 Comments

The short list of what you won't find in Twoodies:

  • No Carcinogens 
  • No Endocrine Disruptors
  • No Fire Retardants
  • No GMOs or Synthetic Biology 
  • No Heavy Metals 
  • No Nanoparticles 
  • No Herbicides, Insecticides or Pesticides 
  • No Harmful Chemical Solvents or VOCs
  • No Behavioral, Developmental or Neurotoxins
  • No know allergens
  • No BPA or other plastics
  • No lead tainted paint
  • No metals or magnets 
  • No toxic glues or adhesives

"The reality of life today is that we live in a toxic world surrounded by thousands of invisible chemicals and toxicants which infiltrate the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the products we use every day. These silent encounters with chemicals have been linked to nearly every disease raging in America from ADD, Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Autism and Autoimmune diseases to Infertility, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Inflammation, Obesity, and Parkinson’s disease."

Twoodie wooden gem in walnut from America and safe wood for baby toys  Twoodie wooden gem baby toys in gem shape and oak wood from America  Twoodie wooden gem baby toys in gem shape and cherry wood  Twoodie wooden stacking gem in Japanese Zelkova wood with visible woodgrain

Twoodie wooden gems arranged in crown formation on wooden surface

#Pret-a-play! September 10 2016, 0 Comments

Pret-a-play: kind of like Pret-a-Porter, kind of like Net-a-Porter...

We try keep away from the 'T' word, i.e. Toys as this is such a Toxic industry.

Pret-a-play is a mixture of "play-it-safe" organic toys and "play-it-forward" Twoodie values....



Testing testing May 26 2016, 0 Comments

Twoodie Facebook page header

Picking our woods September 28 2015, 0 Comments

So apparently the diff colours on the sides of the wood depend not on the type but rather the company that is supplying them.  It helps keep the wood from drying or seeping at the edges.

We tried to go for natural looking woods that don't have pink tinges.  The grain on the Oak here looks amazing!

With our man: a 30 yr veteran of wood and font of knowledge.  6 grandkids.

Hard to believe those wood planks will turn into this...:)

Getting talented designers, and their family on board. May 05 2015, 0 Comments

So cute as the 3 girls are names after trees...

We've spent so long getting ready for this 2 day meeting and potential M&A deal.  Crazy I know but this is a huge potential win.  Cannot even think about how it will feel if doesnt work.  Wishing upon a star ***

We are having problems finding a designer. May 05 2015, 0 Comments

Steven has had this idea for making skyscrapers:

Committed to transparency April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Inspired by wood and what we can create April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Starting to define our values April 30 2015, 0 Comments

Later on we made these for the website and our wall: to remind us to go back to first principles when making decisions...