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Twoodie Public Benefit Report (part 5 of 6 for 2017) October 30 2017, 0 Comments

5 - Promote Transparency

In order to demonstrate that we make safe, non-toxic BPA and endocrine disruptor free toys we need to provide universal access to documentation that confirms this.

This has been achieved in the following ways:

  • Our website content
  • Our blog or 'diary' - the organic home for minimalist living
  • Open Books - a specific page on the website that details all of our operations including:

Our Cost Model & Margins: here

Salary & Compensation: here

Paid affiliates and Sponsors: here

Independent Safety Test Certificates: here

We also spoke and shared our experience via the Fung Guerilla Sessions, at the world's largest supply chain and sourcing company.

Finally we wrote our first Benefit Report, in real time and online so that it can be updated more frequently. We made this accessible and searchable via the web/our website.

Details within the report detail our progress and many highlights but also note areas for development and signify our intentions to continue to be open.

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