Sophie the Giraffe October 26 2017, 0 Comments

Reading on the BBC about Sophie the Giraffe having mould inside the plastic toys today.

I didn't know that plastic could grow mould or that people were so enamoured by this toy.

To us the plastic that is being teethed on daily seems a lot more dangerous than mould... they might say they test the products but these toys are tested in batches of 1 million units or more, so hardly a very good safeguard against contamination or defects.

Endocrine Disruptors in plastic toys are only completely avoidable by steering clear of:

1 - All plastic and synthetic materials (especially while teething)

2 - Wooden toys that are not treated with chemical preservatives, paints or other finishes that may be tainted

These guidelines should be simple for parents to follow between years 0 and 2 when children have no real discretion over what toys they can choose to play with, in the same way they are directed as to what they can eat.