Our Clients August 23 2016, 0 Comments

(This is Jeanne, I look after the creative ethereal side of what we do here).


We had a new client today.  A very talented and successful person.  A very kind person.  A person that somehow through some accident of the universe found their way to Twoodie and liked what we do.

It made me think about our small but growing global clientele and how proud I am to be involved with this community.  Because we interact with each purchaser ourselves we kind of know them, and what they are about. These people are genuinely interested in things beyond themselves.  They have crazy jobs as Bitcoin traders, or sports teams captains or advertising economists or food bloggers or .... full time moms.  They give us feedback, emotional support, introductions, private family photos to keep us inspired when things are really sh*t and rejection hurts.

Recently I feel like God has been saying to me to not focus too much on growth.  To focus on health, because "healthy things grow".  So that's the plan.