Going Public March 14 2017, 0 Comments

We're giving our first talk on Monday 20 March.  I'm doing this only to get a few more clients and because I think that triumph over adversity is important.  We cannot really talk about success, it's too early and the challenges keep mounting.  My former employer invited us, so maybe there is something of my ego that feels flattered. Probably.

Steven hates this stuff.  He's a private kind of guy.  He almost had a heart attack when his current firm asked him to speak on innovation through the startup journey and Twoodie experience.  But like I said to him, you have to communicate WHY you do this so people can have the opportunity to buy better things for their families health and support the mission.  Steven said it feels like "coming out" and I guess that is what we are doing these days... "coming out" as hardcore entrepreneurs and not being ashamed to say - we are here to stay and in this for the long haul.  Regardless of whether anyone else sees what we see.

I have to do these videos next and its really terrifying.  I need an online avatar or something to maintain my anonymity and look more like the healthy organic lifestyle that we promote (and less like the delicious cheeseburger reality that is my company tonight). #noshame #wannabeengineer