The Organic Home

Many companies market themselves as 'safe', 'healthy' and 'organic'...
Twoodie is the first to prove it with 100% TRUTH & TRANSPARENCY.
We do this to differentiate ourselves from other brands and websites.
Falsely claiming to sell products free from toxic Endocrine Disruptors.
The Washington Post found all 59/59 teethers sold online contained EDCs.
This, although they were marketed and promoted as being 'non-toxic'.
Consider: babies have these objects in their mouths for many hours...
These dangerous chemical substances can cause infertility and cancers.
The UN/WHO have published studies providing conclusive evidence of it
Parents don't want to take the risk, so we created a 100% PROVEN safe toy.
Twoodies are truly free from Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates and EDCs.
It's even suitable for sensitive and more vulnerable newborns:    
No commonly used toxic wood preservatives (not all wood is organic). 
We Safety Test extensively, independently, in small batches.  
    The finest quality made in JAPAN.
We've designed an ALL-IN-ONE toy.
A play solution that covers all the developmental requirements.  
So Twoodie is the only toy your child needs for their first 18 months.
Hence we can offer you great VALUE as well as priceless peace of mind.